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Our New Home

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Located in the Nisku Business Park, our modern, custom built facility boasts 30,000 sqft of deep frozen space (-30C), along with 20,000 sqft of refrigerated and dry storage capacity. This additional space provides the opportunity to offer a full-fledged deep-frozen supply chain solution.

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Environmentally conscious

This state-of-the-art facility has many green energy considerations, including our 1,860 rooftop solar panel array. This is Western Canada's 4th largest privately funded array and is set to reduce 512 tonnes of CO2 each year!

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A natural CO2 cooling system has been installed to recirculate the energy output from the compressors into heating the flooring. This technology eliminates the toxic ammonia-based system and improves the overall efficiency of the refrigeration cycle. 

Thank you to the team at Inferno Solar for completing this impressive project! 

It takes a lot of energy to run a deep frozen facility, and ensure the temperature is maintained 24/7.

If we can focus our efforts on reducing our operating costs while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint; then we ensure that we're on the most sustainable path forward.


Other energy efficient installations include: 

  • Not one light switch, all lights are motion sensor LED lights to conserve as much power as possible 

  •  Automatic flush toilets and taps throughout the facility to reduce our water consumption

New Address:
#400, 3615 - 11 Street
Nisku, AB
T9E 1C6

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