Mike's Cups come in a 300ml format ice cream cup with a

tear-off lid and wooden spoon.

Developed in-house by our owner Mike Rogiani, Mike's Cups are a premium ice cream cup using real cream and chock-full of inclusions.

They come in five flavours:

Cookies 'n Cream Dream, Cotton Candy Commotion, Blue Bubblegum Burst Mike's Moose Tracks and Mike's Marvelous Malt.

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An innovative way to enjoy a frozen treat, combining cookie pieces, and creamy ice cream!


Udderly Ridiculous

A Canadian made Goat Milk Ice Cream created with the finest ingredients from around the world, and goats milk from a family owned Ontario farm. 

Desi-licious Kulfi

Traditional Indian Ice Cream offered in seven unique flavours! 


London Ice Cream

Old fashioned Ice Cream made with quality ingredients and hand-filled batch by batch since 1995.

Made in London, Ontario they produce over 120 unique flavours!



Hand crafted European style gelato made with whole ingredients and fresh fruit 



Produced in Poland, Grycan is made with traditional family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Artisanal methods go hand in hand with modern manufacturing technologies creating rich ice cream and sorbet flavours.




Made from an authentic six century old recipe originating in Macedonia. Handmade and brand new to the Canadian market.

Great for entertaining. Round ultra thin filo sheet. Served hot warm with feta and/or fresh yogurt.

Available in: Meat, Spinach, and Cheese filling

Sweet N' Nice

In the 1940s, on the island of Trinidadian & Tobago Charles Alfred Neale started selling his homemade ice cream by bicycle to help put his 12 kids through school. He would ride through the streets of south Trinidad calling out, “Come get your Sweet N’ Nice, come get your Sweet N’ Nice Ice Cream!”


Today, Sweet N’ Nice is a local company - a family-owned Canadian business - started by Neale’s daughter and two grandkids, who have taken his secret ice cream recipes and are bringing the fun flavours of the Caribbean to Canadians from coast-to-coast. Our ice cream is now enjoyed by Canadian families from Toronto, to Niagara, Northbay, Montreal, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and even Victoria, BC!

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Decadent, flavourful small batch gelato and sorbertto, made in Calgary, AB. 



Sorbatto's Frosty blue is not gelato nor sorbet - it is completely new!  

They use rich, beautiful blueberries as a base, no milk, no cream, just berries!  They then add accent flavor to enrich your berry experience.  

Whether it is blackberries, raspberries, or chocolate, Sorbatto brings a creamy and sweet experience you won't find anywhere else.

Better With

Full-fat cream is the foundation of our Old-World recipe and why we have the lowest possible sugar. Only simple ingredients. No gums. No preservatives. And no fillers.