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World's Largest 

Ice Cream Sundae

Take two 45-foot semi-trailers filled with 350-pound slabs of ice cream in 63 flavours.

Add a five-tonne truck filled with 45-gallon drums of six mouth-watering sundae toppings-chocolate, fudge, pineapple, caramel, strawberry and butterscotch.

Using two forklifts and four electric power jacks, toss the ice cream and topping into an empty swimming pool temporarily set up in the middle of the main floor of Edmonton City Centre Mall.

Top it off with whipped cream, and sprinkle copious amounts of crushed peanuts and maraschino cherries.

Serve Cold.

That’s exactly what owner, Mike and about two dozen friends and relatives did Sunday, July 24, 1988, to set a Guiness world record for the largest ice cream sundae – ever.

The colossal cool treat enclosed by the planet’s biggest sneeze guard – officially weighed in at 24.91 tonnes (54,917 pounds)!

July 24 marks the day the Ice Cream King was crowned, and over 30 years later,

the record still stands!

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